derrick velasquez


New-ish Statement

My most recent work deals with forces projected onto manufactured and industrially engineered materials. Some of these forces are natural, such as an accumulated weight created by gravity and some are more forced like tension applied by testing an object’s flexibility to its breaking point. The demands put on these materials reveal and obscure structures of both their intended consumer use and the qualities of the material itself.  By use of marine vinyl, masonite, handmade half-scale 2X4s, plywood, and found objects, I aim to question the way we physically interact with the tangible and manufactured structures of everyday life. Through an investigative manipulation that observes and skews nominal measurements, my work teases out our psychological relation to the dimensions and conditions given by such materials. 


Old-ish Statement

I am simultaneously discovering and creating work that constantly loops back on itself in order to inform its forward progression.  The advantage of this circular way of thinking is that the outcome is not always clear until one has taken stock of the process leading to arrival. This is a physical and metaphorical structure for learning. 

This diagram is my attempt to visualize a process most of us experience in life.   It also reveals structural parallelisms, much like a Venn diagram.  Fields overlap, points intersect, and ideas rub against each other. The varying forms that my works take are examples of this thinking and working process.  As I gain new skills, they are integrated into my body of work and are explored through the past to apprise future works.  Essentially my ideas become strengthened through and like a stitch.  Questions about structure, functionality, touch, fashion, social and personal interactivity, are found interwoven and dispersed throughout my body of work.
My work is usually process based and its visual representation takes its form in large two-dimensional and three-dimensional installations.  I am interested in the idea of the “social” and the connections and structures that can act as physical manifestations of the metaphors associated with these interests.  Visually, I use height, stacked layers, and polished finishes to convey the idea that there are multiple layers of meaning in the materials and how they are used and manipulated.  Similarly, there are many layers to cultural histories and the social fabric in which they are ingrained.  My work aims to expose and conceal these contextual layers.